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Phần mềm quản lý dữ liệu bộ lập trình nhúng ICP DAS VCEP

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ICP DAS VCEP is designed for managing your WinPAC/XPAC anywhere. No matter where you are, ICP DAS VCEP provides a convenient environment on the Desktop PC and lets you control your WinPAC/XPAC remotely. ICP DAS VCEP is composed of two main components: The ‘Server’ which runs on WinPAC/XPAC and the ‘Client’ which runs on a Desktop PC. Once a connection is established between the client and server (initiated by the client), the client will periodically send requests for screen updates and send mouse/key click information to the server to simulate. Each video frame is inter-compressed against the previous frame and then intra-compressed with a modified LZW scheme to minimize the amount of data transmitted from server to client.

Vendor: ICP DAS