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Switch PoE công nghiệp

Switch (Thiết bị chuyển mạch) PoE công nghiệp 3Onedata

3onedata provides a wide range of PoE switches with up to 30W output per port to deliver high-speed data transmission while powering high-power devices over long distances. We have industrial PoE switches and industrial PoE media converters for different applications.


Switch (Thiết bị chuyển mạch) PoE công nghiệp 3Onedata

POE(power over Ethernet)

Power device via RJ45 Ethernet cables with up to 30W output per port, reducing cabling requirements and installation costs.

Easy Maintenance

Rich functions for network diagnosis and trouble shooting, maintenance is simple and convenient.

Industrial-grade Design

Anti-static, anti-surge, anti-thunder, anti-high and low temperature, dustproof, dampproof, anti-corrosion

Data Security

The support of multiple network protocols and standard protocols effectively ensure data security