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The TuDongHoa24.com Group is an international supplier and manufacturer of industrial computer systems with more than 15 years of experience and is represented in more than 14 countries in the EMEA space with offices, qualified partners and distributors.

TuDongHoa24.com offers high-quality standard products, complete solutions, from professional advice to the completed project including individual software solutions for automation.

TuDongHoa24.com has been a reliable partner for public authorities and renowned companies of the mechanical and plant engineering industry, transportation, automotive, power & energy, medical equipment, as well as a reliable supplier for system integrators and production engineers.

TuDongHoa24.com continuously provides modern solutions in the product areas embedded computing, industrial PCs, digital signage, panel PC, server technology, industrial minicomputers, industrial communication and custom design. The consistent training of our highly qualified staff, as well as certification according to EN ISO 9001: 2008 ensures that customer-oriented process management and continuous optimization of the manufacturing of hardware solutions to comply customer requirements are our upmost priority and therefor new market needs arising can successfully and flexibly managed by TuDongHoa24.com.


Our portfolio ranges from classic 19″ computer systems and components of modern compact computers to Panel PC display solutions and digital signage devices. Industrial network devices such as rugged network switches and gateways as well as controllers for typical industrial control applications such as CAN and MOD-bus connections are also available. TuDongHoa24.com extends its product range permanently to meet the changing market requirements.

Server Division

TuDongHoa24.comalso offers the highest quality server systems and components with the latest technology; most extensive configuration options up to customized systems and modifications allow even the most demanding solutions for high-availability applications.

RUMOCO – Rugged Mobile Computers

With the brand RUMOCO, TuDongHoa24.com offers particularly qualified devices and solutions for rugged mobile applications, thus contributing to the increasing trend of mobile applications particularly in the outdoor area. Emphasis is placed on handheld devices such as rugged smartphones, tablet computers and rugged laptops and convertible solutions but also vehicle solutions for cars or buses. Additionally, robust network devices and servers are available with which the corresponding infrastructure solutions can be implemented for mobile applications.


The extensive know-how on offered products and solutions, current market and technology trends, as well as in project development and management ensure a competent consultation and realization of even the most demanding customer applications to full-custom solutions of our own design and manufacture. The project and obsolescence management of IPC2U also enables long-term projects and framework agreements.


Long-standing relationships with selected manufacturers and direct purchase ensures excellent purchase pricing conditions. Additionally, TuDongHoa24.com can also submit extended warranty terms and offers interesting leasing opportunities.

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