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Đo Momen xoắn của động cơ DC/ AC (OEM Torque Motor Stand)

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Reaction torque sensors are often used as auditing and monitoring tools. This application utilizes the FUTEK TFF Series to measure the reaction torque produced by a miniature electric DC (brushed/brushless) or AC motor.

How it Works
  1. In this application, a reaction torque sensor is mounted to the electric motor with the motor shaft passing freely through the torque sensor.
  2. For optimal performance of the reaction torque sensor, the free end of the sensor, as pictured, must be fixed.
  3. The Series measures the reaction torque/ torsion moments created by the miniature electric motor during operation.
  4. These measurements are then amplified with GM40 or GM62 for use with PLCs and data acquisition devices or streamed to the PC with LCV-USB3
  5. In addition, with the IDA100, data can be viewed in real time and logged by operators using Lorenz Test and Measurement Software.

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