Tự động hóa IoT
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Enterprise Applications

Công nghệ bảo mật mạng UPM – Universal Port Management

UPM (Universal Port Management) is a mainstream networking security technology to offer firewall, VPN, IDS/IPS, content filtering, anti-virus and other advanced security functions. This infrastructure is much more convenient, flexible and cost-effective than traditional single-function devices. Axiomtek’s UPM solution can implement the port-based security policy...

Giải pháp bảo mật toàn diện UTM – Unified Threat Management

The UTM (Unified Threat Management) has been initialized since 2004 which integrates virus spam, IDS/IPS, content filtering, firewall and VPN mechanisms into one system. However, the new wave of attacks are continually coming from hackers. This results in heavy loading on computing because more complex...

Quản lý bảo mật mạng (Network Security Management)

Axiomtek provides an extreme networking appliance hardware platform solution. The platform has a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) from a networking performance point of view, and it can also be used to VPN gateway, network bandwidth controller, SSL, firewall, IDS/IPS and more.

Axiomtek – Nhà cung cấp giải pháp và thiết bị mạng hàng đầu (Network Solutions)

Axiomtek is a leading network appliance platform provider, which offers standard and customized solutions for software partners and network product providers. Our all-in-one network appliance platforms give customers the competitive edge they need to stand out in their respective markets.

Công nghệ thông minh trong sân bay, giáo dục và ngân hàng (Smart technology in airports, education and banks)

Công nghệ thông minh trong sân bay, giáo dục và ngân hàng Technology directly correlates to convenience and higher efficiency. Customer-centric industry leaders understand that investments in advanced equipment can give them a competitive edge in this highly competitive world while enhancing brand loyalty through...

Thành phố thông minh hơn với cơ sở hạ tầng thông minh (Smarter Cities with Smarter Infrastructures)

Riding on the upward trend of technological advancement over internet, a rising number of embedded solutions have been being deployed in diversified ranges of applications over the increasingly-networked intra- and inter-city infrastructures to fulfill needs in a variety of environments while competing for cost performance.

Nông trại thông minh cùng Axiomtek (Realizing Farm Intelligent)

With the growing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), connected devices have penetrated every aspect of our life. The application of IoT in agriculture is also an inevitable trend. By using various smart agriculture gadgets, farmers have gained better control over the process of...

Giải pháp toàn diện cho các tiện ích điện (Power Utility)

Power plant is engaged in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity and generally for sale in a market. The electricity is indispensable to factories, offices, homes, commercial establishments and entertainment facilities. Lack of electricity not only causes inconvenience, but also economic loss and national...

Tự động hóa các trạm điện cùng Axiomtek (Substation Automation)

Power substations transport electricity from power plants to homes, businesses, and factories, and are a critical component of the smart grid. To generate, distribute and manage energy effectively for power industry, a highly integrated and reliable Ethernet-based network infrastructure is essential.

Quản lý, giám sát điện năng lượng mặt trời (Solar-Powered Solutions)

25 years ago, attitudes concerning renewable energy started to change as environmental concerns became more apparent. Coupled with the scarcity of natural resources; technological advancements made a large push to create new and more convenient ways of obtaining renewable energy like wind power, hydroelectric power,...
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