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Cảm biến đo Momen xoắn loại trục không quay

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Cảm biến đo Momen xoắn loại trục không quay (REACTIVE TORQUE SENSORS, NON-ROTATING) hãng Lorenz Messtechnik GmbH

Non-rotating torque sensors (reactive or static torque transducers) are generally used for reaction measurements in most varying applications. They are wear-free and, like all of our torque sensors, designed in such way that the limit shear force and the limit thrust load, indicated in our technical data, only have minimum strain on the sensor element and thus do not affect the measurement result.
By default, our sensors provide an analog, unamplified strain gauge bridge output signal in mV/V.
Optionally, our reactive torque sensors can be supplied with an extended temperature range of -30°C up to 120°C.
Typical applications for this type of transducer are for example reaction torque measurements on extruders, test bench applications, screw driver testing, determination of bearing friction torques..


ImageTypeMeasuring Range [N·m]Accuracy ClassRange of ApplicationMechanical Connection
0.005..200000.1 (Option: 0.05)Reaction Torque Measurement, e.g. ExtruderCylindrical Shaft
DK-151..1000.2Reaction Torque Measurement, e.g. Test StandsCylindrical Shaft with Keyway
DV-141..50000.1 (Option: 0.1)Survey of Assembly Tools for Screws and NutsMale Square Drive / Female Square Drive
D-24310.1..200.2Survey of Assembly Tools for Screws and Nuts¼” Hexagon Drive / Quick Change Chuck
DH-150.005..200.2 (Option: 0.1)For Very Small RangesFlange with Spigot / Cylindrical Shaft
DFW-252..20000.2 (Option: 0.1)Compact DesignFlange with Center Hole / Cylindrical Shaft with Keyway
DFW-352..20000.2 (Option: 0.1)Survey of Assembly Tools for Screws and NutsFlange with Center Hole / Square
D-22232..50000.2 (Option: 0.1)Survey of Assembly Tools for Screws and NutsFlange with Center Hole / Square Socket
D-22091..50.2Compact DesignFlange with Spigot
D-255310..2000.1Compact DesignFlange with Large Through Hole and Center Counter Bore
DF-3010..200000.1 (Option: 0.05)Compact DesignFlange with Center Hole
D-226850..100000.1 (Option: 0.05)Short DesignFlange
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