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Quản lý bảo mật mạng (Network Security Management)

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Quản lý bảo mật mạng

Everybody knows that networking bandwidth is much higher than the previous one. We are able to know more and more data transactions that go through and inter-change between each group of networks. To meet critical demand for hardware platforms, Axiomtek provides an extreme networking appliance hardware platform solution. The platform has a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) from a networking performance point of view, and it can also be used to VPN gateway, network bandwidth controller, SSL, firewall, IDS/IPS and more.


With network requirement demands skyrocketing, Axiomtek’s network appliance series supplies stable and reliable hardware platform performance. Axiomtek’s basic security hardware platform for network appliances features multiple Ethernet ports with high networking bandwidth throughput, powerful core logic computing capability through the processor, built-in security co-processor, and a friendly management interface.

Low power consumption with fanless and noiseless design

Axiomtek provides a security network platform which can be used in the SOHO market, network bar, hot spot (open wireless connectivity for ODM customer). This security board also can be embedded with a panel PC for electronic money bag by digital certification through a network bank. It can be used at the supermarket, a bus ticket purchase station and many more places.

Advanced network security hardware platforms

Capable of handling multitasking and running multiple-applications is required on concurrent network security equipment. With the power of the newest processors, the network security hardware platforms provide powerful efficient performance to run multitask at once without slowing down. The platform can maximize their processing performance for VPN router and firewall application.

Enclosure management capability

Axiomtek offers case intrusion detection feature. If any illegal user opens the upper case of the device, it will automatically make alert to MIS administrator; meantime, we also implement an optional feature as AMT (Active Management Technology) in our NA devices. MIS administrator could remote boot/reset the system through internet.

Axiomtek’s network security appliance integrates multiple security functions with powerful core logic computing capability, user-friendly management interface and high networking bandwidth throughput into one box and delivers stable and reliable hardware platform performance. Each network security hardware platform is especially developed for VPN, network bandwidth controllers, SSL/TLS, firewall, IDS, load balancing and embedded box applications. The customization of products and services which meets each customer with regard to certain requirements is provided to optimize customers’ network business and save customers’ TCO (total cost of ownership).

Network Security Management

Network Security Management
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