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Đo Momen Xoắn động cơ Servo (Servo Motor Torque Control)

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Đo Momen Xoắn động cơ Servo (Servo Motor Torque Control)

Automated systems in a variety of different industries rely on servo motors to monitor linear and rotational motion. Frictional loss and motor speed change necessitate the inclusion of a closed loop control system. To accomplish this, place a reaction torque sensor between the servo gearbox and its mounting location to measure the generated torque.

How it Works
  1. Lorenz DF-30 Reaction Torque Sensor is mounted between a CGI Prime  017PLX Planetary Angle Gearhead and the gearhead’s mounting location.
  2. Performance Features of Reactive Torque Measuring Flange DF-30

    • Torque measuring flange for e.g. measurement of torque reaction or torsion measurement
    • Flange-flange-solution
    • Through hole
    • Very short axial length
    • High torsional stiffness
    • Simple handling and assembly
    • Special versions on request

  3. As the servo motor runs, the torque produced and transmitted through the NEMA 17 gearhead is measured by the DF-30.
  4. The LCV analog amplifier amplifies the DF-30 signal for input into a PLC for closed loop control of torque.
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