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Đo Momen xoắn tạo ra từ động cơ (Motor Test Stand)

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Đo Momen xoắn tạo ra từ động cơ (Motor Test Stand)

Reaction Torque Sensors are frequently used as auditing tools. This application is utilizing Lorenz D Series to verify the torque moments produced by a motor.

How it Works
  1. Reaction Torque Sensors can be used to audit rotary torque measurements.
  2. In this application, a Reaction Torque Sensor is installed between a motor and a fixed plate.
  3. The D Series Reaction Torque Sensor is intended to measure any torsion produced by the motor itself while in operation. This test is also known as measuring torque moments.
  4. The data produced by this test stand can be viewed on a digital display, such as Lorenz PAX Panel Mount Display or GM77 Hand Held Display, or streamed directly to a PC using Lorenz LCV-USB3.
  5. If more detailed data is required, utilizing Lorenz Test and Measurement Software allows operators the ability to live graph and log all data collected.

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