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Hệ thống treo (Suspension System Performance Validation)

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In a high performance vehicle, the suspension system does more than hold the car up, it adapts to aerodynamic forces on the vehicle, varying road conditions, and driver inputs. In addition, complex multipoint suspension systems in use in NASCAR® and Formula 1® require the use of modeling and simulation to ensure compliance under load. Significant modeling and analysis is undertaken to account for these variables. However, the final step to maximize performance is live testing to validate the simulation model. To accomplish this, load cells are placed in line with each suspension arm, providing detailed information of the load running through each arm, accurate steering load measurements, and indirect front tire grip enabling adjustments of the suspension system to optimize performance and handling

How it Works
  1. Load cells are threaded in-line with each suspension arm. It is critical to study the load path and avoid any side load and/or moments.
  2. As the vehicle is operated on a test stand or driven, the output signal is sent to the LCV-USB3 units.
  3. The LCV-USB3 displays and logs the data to a PC via our LCV-USB-VS software. This data can be used to validate and fine-tune the performance of the suspension system.

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