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Kiểm tra chất lượng các thùng đóng gói sản phẩm (Package Drop Test)

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Drop testing packaging is a novel way of testing the viability of various packaging processes to ensure that packaged products arrive at their destination safely. To accomplish this, a system is designed to drop packages from varying heights onto a platform that rests upon load cells placed beneath the platform. The load cells output the force of the impact of the packaging. In addition, by making the platform removable, different platforms can be constructed to test different drops, such as dropping down stairs.

How it Works
  1. Four load cells are mount on the four corners of the drop test machine base. The test platform is then bolted over the four load cells.
  2. When a package is dropped, the load cells in each corner measure and send load data to the USB data acquisition unit.
  3. The data collected is displayed, logged, and graphed via our software on a PC.
  4. By changing out the test platform, different drop scenarios can be simulated and recorded for study and compliance with testing standards such as ASTM D5276 and ISTA 1a, 2a, and 3a.

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