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Đo Momen xoắn của máy vặn bu lông (Nut Runner Torque)

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Đo Momen xoắn của máy vặn bu lông (Nut Runner Torque)

Using both a rotary torque sensor and load cell, we can establish a relationship between the bolt tension and the torque that is applied.

How it Works
  1. A standard Donut/ Thru Hole Load Cell is used on a bolt and nut assembly, similar to our bolt-fastening application scenario.
  2. Additionally, a rotary torque sensor is used to measure the torque that is also applied by the electric nut runner within the assembly.
  3. To monitor each sensors measurements, operators can pair the Donut Load Cell and Rotary Torque Sensor with Lorenz USB Solutions.
  4. Utilizing Lorenz Test and Measurement Software alongside the LCV-USB3 will allow operators the ability to capture, live graph and interpret the data.
  5. The LCV-USB3 is the ideal data exchange solution for systems that require translation of rotary torque encoder readings, such as angle and speed. Its compact and robust design also makes the LCV-USB3 fitting for this type of industrial application.
  6. Thus, the end user can measure and monitor the thrust using the LTH series. In parallel, the rotary torque sensor will measure the torque, angle, and speed.

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