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Đo khối lượng băng tải (Mass Flow Meter)

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Utilizing an adapter button, Lorenz’s Bending Beam Load Cell is proficient at measuring the mass flow of solid particles in any process line.

How it Works
  1. Lorenz partners with several manufacturers of control devices to design and develop OEM load cells to constantly measure the flow of particles.
  2. Lorenz’s Bending Beam Load Cell are side mounting load cells proficient at both tension and compression measurements with built-in overload protection.
  3. This application concept illustrates the F60X Load Cell attached to a counterbalance assembly, in which the force sensing point engages with the surface of the pan.
  4. The measurement output can be taken to either an amplifier, a digital display, or streamed via USB technology.
  5. Both the digital display or USB route allow operators the additional use of Lorenz Test and Measurement Software, in which they can live graph and data log results.

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