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Quản lý đo lường chất thải (Waste Management Load Measurement)

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Large waste management containers are intended to collect trash until they reach a specific capacity. Once that capacity is reached, disposal of the contents is necessary. Utilizing load cells helps monitor the container’s capacity increase.

How it Works
  1. Industrial sized waste containers are able to hold 50 tons. Disposal of the contents only occurs once the container itself has reached its maximum capacity.
  2. Installing load cells at the base of the container monitors the increases in the capacity of the container.
  3. In this specific application scenario, four 25 ton load plates have to be mounted to the base of each leg of the container via two mounting options.
  4. The first mounting option is to mount the load button atop a load plate to a clean, level surface upon which the container will sit. The second mounting option is to mount the load button atop a load plate under each foot of the container.
  5. Through which ever loading methodology, the data collected by each load cell can be streamed through a summing junction box to a digital display or directly to a PC.

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