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Thử nghiệm cắm/ rút USB (USB Insertion/Extraction Test)

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Motorized insertion and extraction test are performed to determine the durability of a USB thumb-drive. Configuring the test stand with a Lorenz load cell allows test engineers to quantify the exact force needed to insert or extract a USB connector.

How it Works
  1. During production, motorized test stands check for durability and insertion force of a USB connector.
  2. The motorized test stand runs cycle tests on the USB to ensure that the force required to insert or extract the unit from its port meets requirements or doesn’t damage the thumb-drive.
  3. Lorenz’s can be fixed onto the horizontal test stand to repeatedly measure the push and pull forces as the USB connector enters and exits the 2.0 or 3.0 port.
  4. These force measurements can be recorded and reviewed on Lorenz’s GM77 Digital Hand Held Display.

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