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Ứng dụng cân mẻ (Batch Weighing)

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Known for their endurance testing capabilities, Lorenz Compression Load Cell can be utilized in manufacturing batch weighing applications.

How it Works
  1. Utilizing Load Buttons, the contents of a small-scale silo/industrial container can be monitored.
  2. Installed at the base of each leg of the container, these compression-based Load Buttons will measure the contents of the container as it increases and decreases.
  3. As an in-line based load cell, Lorenz’s R10X requires direct vertical loading on it’s loading surface – the button – for precise measurements.
  4. The data from each load cell can be collected and streamed through a Summing Junction Box, such as Lorenz’s ALCJB-A 4–6-8 Channel Summing Junction Box, to a digital display. Both IPE50 Panel Mount Display and GM77 Intelligent Digital Hand Held Display are compatible with this testing platform.
  5. When equipping the platform with IPE50, Alarms and/ or Relays may be utilized to automate the process.
  6. Operators may also utilize Lorenz’s USB Solutions – one USB Module per load cell – to stream the data directly onto a PC.
  7. Lorenz Test and Measurement Software can further the testing platform, allowing the operator the ability to collect and live graph all data.

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