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Thành phố thông minh hơn với cơ sở hạ tầng thông minh (Smarter Cities with Smarter Infrastructures)

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Thành phố thông minh hơn với cơ sở hạ tầng thông minh

Axiomtek Helps Shaping Smart Cities

Riding on the upward trend of technological advancement over internet, a rising number of embedded solutions have been being deployed in diversified ranges of applications over the increasingly-networked intra- and inter-city infrastructures to fulfill needs in a variety of environments while competing for cost performance.

Axiomtek, a long-standing embedded solution provider, has also been actively playing a key role in shaping smart cities. Ranging from entrylevel to high-end design, Axiomtek’s fanless eBOX series is equipped with versatile I/O functions, unparalleled processing performance, admirable energy efficiency and high flexibility, helping build the smart infrastructures that smart cities require.

Affordability for Retail and Light Industries

The increasing use of wireless network and smartphones has greatly changed the buying behavior of consumers in recent years. Supporting Azure software to accommodate such new buying behaviors, Axiomtek has provided a user-friendly and cost-effective solution – the eBOX100 series, an entry-level ultra slim system, saving low power/space consumption with fundamental features, ideal for smart retails, consumer markets and light industries. Other markets where our eBOX100 series can be well serving include applications of point-of-sales, digital signage display, kiosk, and industrial gateways.

Interoperability for Traffic/Production Management

When it comes to traffic management, a smart system capable of detecting each vehicle license plate precisely is indispensable for traffic management. For example, with IP camera connected to the eBOX500/600 series, license plates can be recognized automatically, while all data sent back to a traffic information center for traffic research as well as security monitoring over the internet. More specifically, the eBOX500/600 is powered to support IntervalZero EtherCAT (protocol) and RTX (a real-time OS extension) and Axiomtek’s PoE (Power over Ethernet) Manager (an easyto-use application programming interface) for integrated interoperability – with custom specifications, ideally for machine control, production testing/monitoring and industrial automation.

Expendability for Factory/Robot Automation

Nowadays, industrial grade embedded systems have been in great demand to help support expendability in factory automation while saving manufacturers both time and money. Axiomtek’s eBOX700 series comes into play in this regard because it is expandable by sufficient storage options, expansion slots and optional wireless communication, thus fulfilling diverse applications, suiting different custom-specific environments for machine control, cabinet integration, and factory and robot automation.

Sustainability for Rugged/Outdoor Settings

Finally, Aiomtek’s IP-67 rated eBOX800 series is powerful in gathering flexible CPU compatibility, high-reliable M12 connections and optimal heat dissipation to fulfill different needs of critical applications. Sustainable at extended temperature in wide voltage DC-power input, the eBOX800 series is water-resistant, dustproof and maintenance free, supporting long life operation and low power consumption, delivering superior reliability for harsh environments – definitely an excellent solution for critical applications such as infrastructure/monitoring systems in smart water/solar/ocean management, and outdoor digital signage.

One last friendly reminder, Axiomtek’s eBOX800-841-FL was awarded with the “Taiwan Excellence 2017” – an award that Axiomtek has been receiving since 2014 for its various outstanding lines of industrial embedded PCs. Once again, it goes without saying that Axiomtek’s eBOX series has indeed been a top-notch product.

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