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Giải pháp chăm sóc sức khỏe thông minh (Smart Healthcare)

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Giải pháp chăm sóc sức khỏe thông minh

IoT is now a part of everyday life, and is now being used when connecting people to the hospital for healthcare. Axiomtek provides a series of medical panel PC solutions to enhance the operational efficiency of health evaluation centers. These products support Gigabit LAN and wireless LAN connectivity to make information easy to gather as well as share on the cloud. Furthermore, medical help can be administered by a doctor via a real-time monitor. These systems can offer comprehensive patient care and reduce the burden of healthcare workers.

Medical Panel PC in Examination Room

Axiomtek provides various medical panel computers to assist hospitals diagnostic and therapeutic actions. The MPC103 (10.4″), MPC152 (15″) and MPC153 (15.6″) support IP65 front panel and IPX1-rated full enclosure seal to protect against dirt, dust and water. Moreover, customers can integrate an RFID reader into the MPC to check a patient’s medical bracelet at the start of an examination.

The MPC175 (17″), MPC225 (22″) and MPC240 (24″) have a 1.3M camera for remote patient diagnosis. Our medical-grade panel computers comply with UL60601-1/EN60601-1, CE and FCC Class B certifications and its design can fit into a wide array of medical environments. With help from these MPCs, medical examination can become more efficient.

Information Signage & Self-Service in Lobby

Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) players are an ideal signage solution for public areas. The smart healthcare application can install some related software to collect and analysis extra data then create greater value. Axiomtek’s latest OPS500 platform is based on 6th generation Intel® Core™ desktop processor solution to offer powerful graphics performance with 4K Ultra HD resolution large display.

In a hospital check-in area, patients can use personal ID cards or tags to check themselves in through a card reader on the GOT5153W-834. Information such as occupied examination rooms and waiting time can be displayed once a patient checks in. Simultaneously, the kiosk can connect to the data center in order to send medical records rapidly to nurses and doctors. In the waiting room, the GOT3187W-834 can be utilized as a Queue Management System to let patients know information while the panel PC can play health education videos about disease control and prevention.

Ideal Solutions in Telemedicine Healthcare

With concerns about aging in our society, remote healthcare services are quickly becoming commonplace through the globe. Telemedicine enables doctors to diagnose remotely by using telecommunications technology such as the GOT panel PC series and OPS digital signage players.

The GOT3107T-311 can integrate with RFID kits, microphones, speakers and webcams to provide high quality video conference options and precise information in telemedicine applications. With help from the OPS883 and GOT3217W-881, doctors can do telediagnosis and tele-consulting instantly so that people can save time and reduce risks during transportation.

Medical Cloud & Automated Environmental Control

In hospital control and data centers, administrators can adjust environmental settings and access controls in different area with GOT3177T-834 acting as a Human Machine Interface (HMI). It also helps to monitor air quality, energy consumption and medical equipment preservation. These functions are connected with MPC240 medical computer in nursing station and bed side panel PC GOT5153W-834 in the patient wards. To increase security and medical efficiency, constructing storage clouds is an important aspect. The multi-tasking ability of the P1177S-881 enhances image processing when receiving medical data from picture archiving and communication system, and distributes files through high speed networks.

Smart Healthcare

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