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Đo bể chứa, silo công nghiệp dùng cảm biến Load Cell (Silo Measurement)

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Measuring the contents of any industrial tank, silo, or hopper requires a robust and precise system. Utilizing multiple high-capacity sensors in conjunction with powerful instrumentation can make for an effective platform.

How it Works
  1. Four Lorenz RH10X  Compression Load Cell have been installed at the base of the posts of this silo.
  2. Depending on the operator’s preference, two means of instrumentation can be used to retrieve the measurement data of the silo’s contents.
  3. The first method is to use Lorenz’s USB Solutions. Each RH10X Load Cell is paired to a USB Module that can stream live data onto a PC utilizing Lorenz Test and Measurement Software.
  4. The second method is to connect each RH10X Load Cell to Lorenz ALCJB-X4  4 Channel Summing Junction Box, which will gather the collective load of each load cell and then stream that output to a display (IPE50).
  5. These methods can also be automated to sound an alarm or send a notification when the weight of the silo reaches a specific mass
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