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Đo lực căng của cánh buồm (Sailing Ship Rigging Tension)

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Sailing ships of all sizes need to tune the rigging of their sails to maximize performance in expected at sea conditions. This requires the cables and ropes used in the rigging preloaded to a specified tension. To measure the preload applied onto the ropes and cables, threaded in line load cells are used.

How it Works
  1. An K-12 Threaded In Line Load Cell mounts in line on the mast rigging.
  2. As the rigging is tightened, the GM77 reads the K-12 output and displays it.
  3. This enables the sailor to see the line tension in real-time as they adjust the rigging.
  4. By incorporating a TEDS chip into the Binder© plug attached to the K-12, a single GM77 can be swapped between sensors without the need to program the GM77 with the new sensor data.
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