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Hệ thống sạc xe điện thông minh của Axiomtek (Electric Vehicle Charging System)

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Hệ thống sạc xe điện thông minh của Axiomtek

Intelligent AXView 2.0 suite is designed to meet the needs of applications for IoT/M2M. Ranging from physical layer connectivity, communication layer protocol, middleware API, high level software for remote management, store Apps and service cloud are covered. Solution integration with specific embedded systems and AXView 2.0 will become very powerful and useful for various vertical markets and applications.

Here is a significant case we’d like to share – Electric Vehicle Charging System. The embedded platform solution is provided by Axiomtek for data acquisition and devices management of charging system. Just like in the diagram below, charging stations are deployed with each station equipped with an HMI system supporting RS-485 and CAN bus. Some of the following factors are important while choosing an embedded solution.

Outdoor and Longevity

This is an outdoor application. The system must support a wide temperature operating range and provide longevity service.

Plenty of Communication Capabilities

Charging stations and human machine interfaces (HMI) are existing products, so the embedded platform must be able to communicate with the charge station and HMI. A Linux-based programmable embedded system supported RS-485, CAN bus, LAN interface and optional Wi-Fi/3G are preferred.”

Embedded OS support and One-Stop Shopping

Besides being a Linux-based embedded platform, the solution also needed an industrial networking switch and Microsoft® Embedded OS platform for data analysis and distributed device management. It’s a plus if the vendor can support all of them.

After thinking it over carefully, the user chose Axiomtek’s the rBOX610, a RISC-based embedded system as its front-end system to be placed in each charging station. The Axiomtek software team assisted the user to put their specifications into the rBOX610 for data collection and manipulation. Since there were so many charging stations deployed in the area, the user decided to place an X86 Windows-based embedded platform ICO300 to manage local devices and serve as a communication gateway between their back-end data center and front-end devices. The ICO300 was chosen as the best product for this instance since it supports 3G and Wi-Fi.

Presently project enters phase II. Employing AXView 2.0 to gather more hardware health information and providing cloud service will be important in the future. The new rBOX510 will soon join the ICO300 to serve as more powerful gateways. Since AXView 2.0 supports protocols including SNMP, SNMP trap, MQTT, MODBUS and EAPI- the software will save time and cost for launching systems to market.

Electric Vehicle Charging System

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