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Cân định lượng (Multihead Weigher)

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Load Cells and Force Sensors are commonly used to automate production lines. By using these sensors, production engineers are able to control the automation process and improve their overall quality.

How it Works
  1. Whether it is in the food or pharmaceutical packaging industry, conveyor belts are used to transport the product from one process to another. At some point, the product itself must be sorted, measured, or verified.
  2. Therefore, a conveyor will dispense the product into a machine known as a multihead weigher. This weigher is responsible for distributing equal parts per packaged unit.
  3. In this specific application, Lorenz has attached two SK30X  Shear Beam Load Cells to each dispenser shaft. The SK30X, which is equipped with built-in overload protection, will measure the content’s load.
  4. Once the load is at the set package weight, the shutter doors will be triggered to open; thus, releasing the contents into its package container.

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