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Máy tính màn hình cảm ứng chuyên dụng cho y tế Axiomtek (Medical Panel PC)

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Axiomtek’s fanless medical-grade touch panel computers are specifically designed for medical applications including medical image processing and medical measuring instruments. The medical-grade touch panel PCs comply with ISO 13485: 2003, UL60601-1/EN60601-1, CE, and FCC Class B certifications to ensure operational safety in the medical industry. Featuring IP65-rated front bezels and IPX1-rated enclosures, the medical panel PC series is water and dust-proof, which ensures reliable operation when used in spill-prone and high dust environments.

ModelCPUChipsetLCDLAN/ USB/ COM/ DisplayExpansion
mpc103-845.jpgMPC103-845Celeron® N3060SoC Integrated10.1-inch WXGA (350 nits)2/4/2/02 x PCI Express Mini Card
mpc152-845.jpgMPC152-845Celeron® N3060SoC Integrated15-inch XGA (420 nits)2/4/2/02 x PCI Express Mini Card
mpc102-845.jpgMPC102-845Celeron® N3060SoC Integrated10.4-inch XGA (350 nits)2/4/2/02 x PCI Express Mini Card
mpc240.jpgMPC2404th Generation Core™ i7/i5/i3, Celeron® & Pentium®SoC Integrated24-inch FHD (250 nits)1/8/0/11 x PCI Express Mini Card, 1 x SDXC
mpc153-834.jpgMPC153-834Celeron® J1900SoC Integrated15.6-inch WXGA (300 nits)2/2/3/02 x PCI Express Mini Card
mpc102-832.jpgMPC102-832Atom™ N2600NM1010.4-inch SVGA (400 nits)2/2/2/1PCI Express Mini Card
mpc152-832.jpgMPC152-832Atom™ D2550NM1015-inch XGA (400 nits)2/4/2/1PCI Express Mini Card
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