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Module, bộ chuyển đổi, bộ lặp giao thức EtherCAT ICP DAS

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Module, bộ chuyển đổi, bộ lặp giao thức EtherCAT ICP DAS

EtherCAT Junction Modules

The EtherCAT modules can support most topology, including linear, tree, and star. If the star topology necessitates a branch at a specific point, an EtherCAT junction can be used to replace multiple slave devices. The IN port is the network’s input port. The OUTx port can be used to connect additional EtherCAT slave modules.

Greatly reduce wiring installation work

Convert the Daisy-Chain multi-way tap topology (Branch) directly using the EtherCAT junction to simplify wiring.

Improve Debugging Efficiency And Reduce Losses

In the daisy chain topology, if one slave device fails, all subsequent devices will shut down. If there is an EtherCAT junction that can help divide the network into different areas, only specific area will be affected, leaving the other areas canbe operate normally. Furthermore, the debugging function can be separated to improve debugging and troubleshooting efficiency.

Converter Series

Converter Series
The ECAT-2511-A and ECAT-2511-B a pair of converters for converting signals between EtherCAT and single mode fiber. Optic fiber prolongs the distance of transmission. It not only provides secure data transmission but also prevents interference from EMS/RFI.
Model Ethernet Fiber
Ports Ports Wavelength

1 x RJ-45 1 x SC connector, Single-Mode TX: 1310, RX: 1550 nm

TX: 1550, RX: 1310 nm


EtherCAT junction slaves, respectively. They are designed for realizing flexible wiring by daisy chain and branch.
Model EtherCAT
Ports No. of Nodes

3 x RJ-45 (1 IN/2 OUT) 1

4 x RJ-45 (1 IN/3 OUT) 2

6 x RJ-45 (1 IN/5 OUT) 4

8 x RJ-45(1 IN/7 OUT) 6
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