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Kiểm tra dù của máy bay chiến đấu (Jet Parachute Deployment)

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Military aircrafts deploy parachutes for rapid decrease of speed upon landing. Utilizing Miniature Threaded In Line Load Cells allows test engines to audit the force applied to that parachute or structure of aircraft.

How it Works
  1. When runway length is tight, military aircrafts deploy parachutes to assist in rapid deceleration
  2. These parachutes require extensive precision and endurance (fatigue) testing prior to use.
  3. Utilizing either standard or customized Miniature Threaded In Line Load Cells in a wire tension measurement application allow quality inspection engineers to audit the tensile forces applied to the parachute cable throughout deployment and use.

  4. These tensile forces can be read on a number of instruments, including our digital displays (GM77 or IPE50) or streamed to a PC via our USB Solutions.

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