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Điều khiển mức của bồn chứa sử dụng Load Cell (Dual Tank Level Controller)

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Điều khiển mức của bồn chứa sử dụng Load Cell (Dual Tank Level Controller)

Implementing load cells and instrumentation can automate multiple systems within tank dispensing applications. This process ensures operators precision measurements in liquid ratios and triggers for valve opening and closing.

How it Works
  1. In this particular application, specific ratios of each liquid must be dispensed into mixing container prior to its release into each jar.
  2. The selection of load cells can vary from pancake type to donut/ thru hole or load button depending on the preferred mounting configuration and required precision. Equally important is the selection of electronics to build this platform.
  3. To ensure that these liquids ratios are exact, several load cells have been installed at the base of each liquid dispensing silo.

  4. Each silo has been paired with either Lorenz’s GM77 Intelligent Digital Hand Held Display or IPE50 Panel Display. These instruments will monitor the measurements captured by the load
  5. In such setups, electronic options such as output options (analog vs. voltage), alarms/relays, and high resolution measurement can ease installation and improve system readings.
  6. Once a specific ratio of liquid has been released from each silo, IPE50 will trigger the control valve to close.
  7.  Then the contents in the mixing container can be released into the jar below.

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