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Digital Signage là gì? Giải pháp Digital Signage thông minh (Smart Digital Signage Solutions)

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Digital Signage là gì?

Digital Signage (tạm dịch: Công nghệ Màn hình kỹ thuật số) là một hình thức hiển thị thông tin, quảng cáo hay các loại tin khác trên màn hình LCD, LED, Plasma… Digital Signage ngày càng được sử dụng rộng rãi trong Digital Marketing.

Giải pháp Digital Signage thông minh.

To remain competitive in today’s fast moving retail environment, retail businesses have shifted their focus to providing consistent, enjoyable shopping experiences by embracing new technologies. The aim is to gain a better understanding of consumer behavior to improve product and service offerings, enrich customer experience, and ultimately achieve greater profitability and build long-term brand loyalty. Axiomtek is dedicated to fulfilling the retail industry’s quest to be the best in class. Its advanced, feature-rich and easy-to-deploy SDM-based signage modules and panel PCs are formulated for cutting edge retail applications.

Axiomtek’s SDM Modules and Displays with Acer Being Device Management

In response to the growing demands for centralized management of the digital signage network, Axiomtek has integrated its SDM-based signage modules and panel PCs with Acer Being Device Management (BDM) for complete and fully integrated solutions.

Acer’s Being Device Management (BDM)

The Acer BDM is a cloud-based device management platform, which offers a cost-effective and simplified device management solution with comprehensive remote management capabilities.

Global Device Operation and Management

By bundling Acer Being Device Management, Axiomtek’s SDM platforms offer fully integrated solutions that not only can centralize control and management across systems to improve operational efficiency but also help reduce costs associated with operating a digital signage network. The owner can access local equipment via Internet connectivity and perform various tasks online, whether it is to reboot and control a device, protect against threats, or keep a signage system up-to-date, with no need for on-site execution or a direct configuration change on local equipment and meanwhile minimizing chances of downtime. Any login or updated status will be immediately notified through the cloud to the owner.

Remote Instant Service

When the remote system has a malfunction, the cloud terminal immediately sends a notification to the owner’s system. The owner can quickly find out the root cause of the problem and perform related troubleshooting without logging in the system to re-setup. The remote instant service also allows the owner to remotely update the content by uploading it to the cloud, which will synchronously broadcast new content to each digital display around the world.

Secure Device Replacement and Data Protection

Whenever a digital signage is damaged or retired, the owner can directly install or update relevant information, such as device serial number data, from the cloud. The original data is securely preserved in the cloud to eliminate potential loss of data during data update or conversion.

Axiomtek SDM Products

Axiomtek’s SDM modules and panel PCs feature 4K high definition resolution support, easy maintenance and installation through its Intel® Smart Display Module architecture, providing high compatibility with retail operation software and hardware, extensive storage capabilities and rich I/O options.

SDM500L SDM-Large Signage Module

The SDM500L is a signage computer module powered by the onboard 8th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processor and adopts the latest Intel® Smart Display Module Large (Intel® SDM-L) architecture. It can be easily connected to an SDM-compliant display via a high-speed PCIe x8 edge connector – which supports 4K resolution displays and video capture and has built-in USB 3.0, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, Serial TX/RX and I2C signals.

The SDM500L supports Intel® Active Management Technology 12 (Intel® AMT 12) as well as Intel® vPro™ technology for easy remote management and monitoring. It features two 260-pin DDR4-2400 SO-DIMM slots for up to 32GB of memory, plus one M.2 Key M slot and one M.2 Key B slot are available for storage. The SDM500L also has one M.2 Key E slot for installing a Wifi/ Bluetooth module and comes with four USB 3.0 ports, one USB type C port, one GbE LAN port, and one HD codec audio. Moreover, it supports up to three independent 4K displays via DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 2.0.

SDM300S SDM-Small Signage Module

The SDM300S, a signage computer module with the latest small Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM-S) architecture, is powered by the onboard Intel® Pentium® processor N4200 or Celeron® processor N3350. The SDM300S measures only 100 x 60mm (roughly the size of a credit card) and doesn’t have housing, which makes it perfectly suited for integration into thin displays.

The SDM300S has one GbE LAN port and two USB 3.0 ports. It enables high-speed PCIe connectivity with a custom I/O receptacle board that eliminates the need for external I/Os. The SDM300S also has built-in USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, Serial TX/RX and I2C signals. Additionally, one M.2 Key E 2230 slot is available for accommodating a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth module. The SDM300S features one 4GB or 8G LPDDR4 memory onboard, as well as an onboard 32/64GB eMMC.

ITC150WM-300S SDM Panel PC

The ITC series is our new product line of SDM-based, easy-to-install touch panel PCs. Customizable with choices of our SDM, size and color, the ITC series is designed with a focus on delivering a balance between performance, flexibility and reliability.

ODM/OEM Services

Axiomtek’s experienced retail design services team offers personalized design and manufacturing services to our retail, quick service restaurant and ODM/OEM customers. From the conceptual stage, pre-planned component considerations, to finished kiosk and system deployments, Axiomtek’s Intelligent Retail Solutions deliver all that you need. Our key focuses are on ease of project development and deployment, cost and time saving, lessened downtime, as well as increased productivity level for our retail/QSR customers.

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