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Copmuter on Module – COM Express Type 10 Axiomtek

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The COM Express Type 10 modules are designed with all components necessary and offer the most updated bus interfaces. The COM Express modules satisfy a wide range of vertical embedded applications with features of great computing performance and rich I/O capabilities, and reduce customers’ time-to-market and ownership cost.

ModelCPUChipsetLAN/ USB/ COM/ SATADisplayExpansion
ceb94017.jpgCEB94017COM Express type 10 moduleCOM Express type 10 module1/7/4/1DisplayPort, eDP, LVDS,3 x PCIe, 1 x PCI Express Mini Card
cem310.jpgCEM310Atom® x7-E3950, Atom® x5-E3940, Atom® x5-E3930SoC integrated1/10/2/2DDI, LVDS4 x PCIe x1
cem311.jpgCEM311Pentium® N4200 & Celeron® N3350SoC Integrated1/10/2/2LVDS, DDI4 x PCIe x1
ceb94018.jpgCEB94018COM Express type 10 moduleCOM Express type 10 module2/6/2/1LVDS, VGA2 x PCIe, 1 x PCI Express Mini Card, 1 x SIM
cem300.jpgCEM300Pentium® N3710 & Celeron® N3160/N3060SoC Integrated1/10/2/2LVDS, DDI4 x PCIe
cem846.jpgCEM846Atom™ E3845/ E3827/ E3815SoC Integrated1/9/2/2LVDS, DDI4 x PCIe x1
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