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Cảm biến phát hiện chuyển động bằng hồng ngoại (PIR/RPIR) kết hợp đo nhiệt độ

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Cảm biến phát hiện chuyển động bằng hồng ngoại (PIR/RPIR) kết hợp đo nhiệt độ, được sử dụng trong các bài toán an ninh và cảnh báo cháy (PIR/RPIR Series: Motion Detector)

PIR series, the Passive Infrared series, provides human motion detection and temperature measurement; and RPIR series provides human motion detection, human presence detection, temperature and humidity and other environmental measurements. For the indoor human body sensing, anti-theft security, home quality of life, green energy and environmental protection and energy efficiency enhancement are very helpful. A free Utility is included to allow configuration and display of data in a powerful chart format that can be exported to Excel. The screw-free quick-connect connector, DIP switch and rotary switch make it easy to install, repair and maintain the product. White minimalist exterior design, easy to match with interior decoration. Considering the fireproof requirements, the casing is made of UL94-V2 rated material.

Microwave Motion Sensor PIR Motion Sensor Temperature/Humidity Sensor

The PIR series can detect infrared waves generated by human within a range of approximately 8 meters in diameter with a 360° coverage area for indoor motion detection, and can be configured to auto-switch on a light if the motion is detected. It also has a temperature sensor for measuring room temperature or can be set up to activate a fire alarm. The RPIR series added the microwave detection technology is especially suitable for BA applications. There are RS-485/ZigBee/Ethernet/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi models can be selected. Different models support DCON, Modbus RTU/TCP or MQTT protocol, and can integrate HMI/SCADA/central control system.


  • Time-Delay / Lux. / Sensitivity Adjustable
  • Photo Sensor Inside for Smart Switch-on Control
  • LED Indicator for PIR/Temperater Sensor
  • The Temperature Sensor for Measuring Room Temperature or Fire Alarm
  • Relay Output Can be Used to Control the Light Via the PIR/Temperature Sensor
  • Up to 1500 W Incandescent and 300 W Fluorescent (T8) Loading Capability
  • Multiple Communication Interfaces and Protocols
  • Ceiling Surface Mount Design

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