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Bo mạch máy tính nhúng Nano-ITX Axiomtek (Nano-ITX Embedded Board)

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The Nano-ITX form factor is designed as a high integrated native x86 embedded platform, measuring a mere 120 mm x 120 mm which measures in at 50% smaller than the Mini-ITX form factor. The Nano-ITX form factor is available with a rich feature set and is targeted at the fast-emerging embedded markets, allowing developers to highly customize their system designs in the low-profile and fully-configured embedded devices.

ModelCPUChipsetLAN/ USB/ COM/ SATADisplayExpansion
nano842.jpgNANO842Celeron® J1900/N2807SoC Integrated2/6/21VGA, LVDS, HDMI2 x PCI Express Mini Card
nano840.jpgNANO840Atom™ E3845/E3827SoC Integrated2/6/2/1VGA, LVDS, HDMI2 x PCI Express Mini Card
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