Tự động hóa IoT
Nhà cung cấp thiết bị truyền thông, viễn thông, tự động hóa IoT chuyên nghiệp, liên hệ: Tel/Zalo +84 904 251 826

Regulation on Service

TuDongHoa24.com assists you as a customer in selecting the necessary hardware for your project in any way, simply have faith in the profound knowledge and longterm experience of our consultants. You will merely be asked to describe the requirements of your application to a hardware solution and our engineers will investigate, detect and offer appropriate hardware solutions to you, free of charge and obligation, even for various suggestions and alternatives.

sales@mctt.com.vn Please refer to this e-mail in any case of product and pricing issues. You can send us requests at any time, our Sales Managers will answer to your inquiries as soon as possible.
nvhung@mctt.com.vn Our Technical Support is available under this e-mail address and questions concerning hardware and equipment will be answered by our technicians sequentially.
RMA Service Experiencing problems? Take use of our professional RMA service technicians, to receive support or to arrange a repair or exchange of a malfunctioning system.

Service requests

Product Inquiry Form: if you need a specific product, an individual solution or an especially customized standard appliance and do not want to research our online catalog by yourself, just fill in the inquiry form and one of our engineers will get back to you offering an appropriate solution or asking for more details to accomplish your request.

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